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American football player completely forgets the rules, gifts opposition a touchdown
19 members of US Irish Traveller community charged with federal racketeering
South Carolina town outlaws wearing sagging trousers
US prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against this man
Teacher quits after student steals naked picture from her phone
Hillary celebrates sweeping win over Bernie in South Carolina primary
This fairytale 18th century plantation is for sale in South Carolina for $17.5 million
Police officer who threw student across classroom has been sacked
Video shows officer flipping school student out of her seat
Two-year-old finds gun in car, shoots grandmother in the back
Family of black motorist shot by police in shocking video reaches pay settlement
Four killed, as parts of US hit by worst rain 'in a thousand years'
Donald Trump invites woman on stage to check his hair is real
The black police officer pictured helping a sunstroked white supremacist has spoken
White supremacist gets sunstroke, helped to the shade by black policeman
Two die after mid-air collision between fighter jet and plane
Woman seeks the public's help to solve the mystery of who she is...
WATCH: Obama sings 'Amazing Grace' at funeral for Charleston church leader
Watch: Officers high-five as the US's most wanted man is calmly arrested by small-town cops
Watch: Incredible footage of police officer pulling drunk man from burning car
Man arrested for animal cruelty after Staffie found with mouth taped shut
Secret video shows student allegedly spitting into her roommates' food
"I don't think he ever met an enemy": Man shot by police officer is laid to rest
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Dashcam video shows Walter Scott and policeman moments before shooting
"The most horrible thing I've ever seen" - Victim's mother on video of cop shooting
US police officer charged with murdering black man after video of shooting emerges
Hurricane Bertha will miss us, but other possible storms are 'being monitored'
Largest flying bird EVER (with a wingspan of 6.4 metres) found at airport
'Lasagne disaster' inspires the best headline ever
Someone stole an entire toilet from a hotel room without being noticed
Video shop owner takes pity on customer arrested for not returning Jennifer Lopez video
Anti-social 'bachelor' Gorilla moved from zoo because he doesn't like girls
US punter goes looking for hot dog buns, wins $400 million lottery prize
Irish Travellers are prospering in America and "make most of their money from life insurance"
BOOM: Jadeveon Clowney delivers the biggest hit of the college football season
Woman finds ex-boyfriend living in her attic
South Africans dominate Malaysia leaderboard while Donald goes South in Carolina