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The publisher of a Junior Cert English book has apologised for this mortifying mistake

And the publisher has now apologised.

EARLIER THIS WEEK, RTÉ ‘s David McCullagh pointed out this distressing error found in a Rapid Revision book.

Star Trek fans may want to look away.

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People were disgusted.

For those of you not up to speed…

Spock is a character from Star Trek whose most famous quote is probably “Live long and prosper”.

(“It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it” is a quote that has been erroneously attributed to Spock over the years, but is actually taken from a 1987 song by The Firm.)

So, who is to blame for this travesty?

A representative from Folens told DailyEdge.ie, “Folens employs the most rigorous review, editorial and proofing processes to every publication, but even with these measures, the very occasional mistake can slip through the net.”

“They are noted and immediately corrected in reprints.”

We understand that this error taps into a very emotional theme for many, and to those affected, we express our apologies and assurances that every effort will be taken to ensure anomalies of this type will be phased out. Live long and prosper.

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