Dublin: 10 °C Thursday 1 June, 2023

# Stormwatch

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# st teresa
Irish weather reports versus American weather reports
What would they make of our Teresa?
# Stormwatch
Spectacular photos of the huge lightning storm over Cork
# Weatherwatch
The world's first weather report described rain and loud, unstoppable storms
But no – it wasn’t in Ireland.
# repairs
€16.8m to fix storm damage in Co Clare
The council had earlier submitted a report to Government saying it needed €36.8m for repairs after recent bad weather.
# Weatherwatch
Good news: All electricity faults to be cleared by tomorrow
ESB Networks has been phoning customers without power today to update them on what’s happening.
# Save the Seals
These adorable seals had their home destroyed during last week's storms
160km/hr winds flattened Dingle Seal and Wildlife Sanctuary.
# Stormwatch
Britain braces for more flooding today
Prime Minister David Cameron says that the worst is not yet over.
# Lights On
Work continuing, but 25,000 still without power
ESB says that today’s progress will be slow, but it will continue to work to restore power.
# Blackout
ESB crews working to restore power
The electricity network is warning those cleaning up to be wary of power lines.
# Stormwatch
Up to 50,000 people won't have power tonight
Meanwhile, boil water notices have been lifted in some areas of Clare and Limerick.
# no service
Having problems with your Vodafone network coverage? Blame the storm
Damage caused by the storm is impacting on the service in 15 counties.
# Calm After The Storm
Repair work on flooded Limerick homes 'nearing completion'
The council say that the majority of displaced residents have already returned home.
# Stormwatch
"Almost 1 million people" have watched TV3's apocalyptic storm coverage
Around 250,000 people on average watched the live broadcast on Wednesday night.
# Lights out
ESB crews working to restore power to 75,000 homes this morning
Power has been restored to 185,000 customers since Wednesday afternoon.
# Stormwatch
Crews 'working against the clock' but 80,000 to remain without power overnight
Clare County Council has issued a flood and storm warning in advance of the severe weather conditions expected over the next 48 hours.
# Stormwatch
TV3's special coverage of Ireland's storms was extremely dramatic
The two hour weather extravaganza was almost too much for Twitter to handle.
# helping hand
Glendalough hotel offers shelter from the storm... plus tea and coffee
We want to know what other acts of kindness you witnessed or took part in.
# Blow The Roof Off
This is what the storms have done to Ireland today
Roofs lifted off, building facades torn down and sheds blown away. It’s wild on Shannonside.
# Ashtown
Apartments evacuated due to storm damage
Meanwhile, the National Coordination Group has said we can expect high winds, ice and rain over the next few days.
# Stormwatch
Uh oh: Met Eireann issues red alert for Leinster, Connacht and Munster
In Limerick, the River Shannon has again burst its banks.
# Stormwatch
Cost of storms to Co Clare : €36.8 million
Limerick and Cork councils have yet to release their figures for storm damage.
# storm brigid
18 of the best pictures (and 2 videos) from this week's storms
Incredible shots of nature from Ireland’s amateur and professional photographers.
# Stormwatch
Driving or near water this weekend? Be careful
The gardaí are advising people to use “common sense” in bad weather.
# Floody Nightmare
Britain deploys Marines to help with flooding
Officials say the rainfall is the worst for 250 years.
# Stormwatch
A sight for sore eyes...Ireland is (almost) rain free
Enjoy it while it lasts.
# Floody Hell
Limerick residents should 'assume flood water is contaminated'
The HSE says people should throw out any food that has been in contact with the water.
# Looks like Rain Ted
Flooding has collapsed a road in Kinsale
They should have taken the roads in.
# Water Water Everywhere
Limerick floods were 'like Dante's Inferno'
The building of a flood barrier in Limerick will begin ‘immediately’ Brian Hayes says.
# Weather watch
More rain and wind forecast tonight - so be careful on the roads
That’s the message from the Road Safety Authority today, as Met Éireann predicts more bad weather.
# Eat Sleep Wave Repeat
The waves in Bundoran were wild over the weekend
The RNLI lifeboat station was battered just hours after a major fundraiser.
# hold onto your hats
Falling debris, veering vehicles and aquaplaning all hazards as storm approaches
Winds gusting 100 to 130 km/h are expect to hit Atlantic counties later tonight.
# Floods
Clare coast worst hit by storms with repair works to cost over €23m
Local authorities across the country are in the midst of a clean up following the recent severe storms.
# Making waves
Here they are, the best wave photos of the week
Wind and waves.
# clean up
Local authorities will outline priorities for storm repair funding
The response to the storms will first be assessed by local authorities before a preliminary report is then brought to Government next week.
# Stormwatch
Weather warning lifted as the worst of Storm Christine passes
Stormy conditions which persist this morning are forecast to weaken later today.
# Electricity
Power restored in suburbs of south Dublin after thousands affected by blackout
Over 450 homes in Newport Co Mayo are said to be still without power.
# Thanks Christine
These Irish people are attempting to make the most of Storm Christine
Things can only get wetter.
# Stormwatch
Coast Guard warns people to get away from the sea as man injured at Howth pier
Heavy winds + strong waves = not a good idea to go walking along seafronts tonight.
# Stormwatch
Man dies as storms batter UK
The 47-year-old’s mobility scooter fell into the River Thames.
# Stormwatch
From floods to freezing: Weather turns bitter with temperatures set to drop
As wintry showers continue in parts, snow is expected on high ground but could affect low-lying regions.