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These Irish people are attempting to make the most of Storm Christine

Things can only get wetter.

THE WEATHER OUTSIDE may be frightful but that doesn’t mean that the Irish public hasn’t managed to look on the bright side of the recent meteorological madness.

While Storm Christine batters the island with gale force winds and wreaks tidal terror on the country’s coastlines, some are attempting to make the most of the bad weather.

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Storm Christine has inspired quite a few people to become amateur photographers, who in turn have given the rest of us an excuse to pretend we’re not back at work today.

Then there’s the professional photographers, who’ve given us plenty to gawk and gasp at.

Source: Alan Place

And sure hasn’t it brought out a real sense of national pride?

And made weather forecasters out of everyone with a Twitter account? Incessant weather forecasters, to be precise.

Then there are the creative types, who’ve managed to pull something positive out of the rubble.

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Batten down the hatches lads, there’s unfortunately more where that came from.

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