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17 little moments that give you a strange satisfaction

It’s the small things.

1. Taking the plastic film off the screen of a new phone


2. Picking at molten candle wax


3. Throwing pennies into water


4. Opening a bottle of fizzy drink…

When you know it’s been shaken up, and you do it just right.



5. Putting the knife into a new jar of peanut butter


6. Peeling PVA glue off your fingers

We hardly ever get to do this anymore. Sigh.


7. This


8. Popping bubble wrap

Flickr/Andrew Kelsall, Graphic Designer

9. Getting into bed with fresh clean sheets

Bed photo via Shutterstock

10. Popping a pimple

Pimple photo via Shutterstock

See also: picking scabs.

11. Fitting one everyday object perfectly into another


12. Cracking your knuckles


13. Peeling off the sticky things from the back of gift cards

Can't see this image? Try reloading the post (Reddit/Imgur)

14. Taking a pile of warm paper from the photocopier

And kind of wanting to press it against your face.

Photocopier photo via Shutterstock

15. Pushing in books so their sides are all flat against the bookshelf


16. Hoovering up bits of mess

When you can hear them going up the tube.

Flickr/wayne's eye view

17. And peeling an orange all in one go

Flickr/mike warren

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