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10 struggles of living between your house and your boyfriend's

Using your partner’s deodorant, for one.

BEFORE YOU MOVE in with your significant other, you have that period where you’re essentially living between your house and their house.

And while it might be fun, this living arrangement comes with its own unique set of struggles.

1. This is you walking to work


What was once your handbag becomes a giant satchel filled with phone chargers, deodorant and other miscellaneous bits and bobs.

You might as well be trekking to the South Pole.

2. Seeing the people you actually live with becomes an increasingly rare occurrence


3. Leaving something behind is your worst nightmare

ohnogif Source: Reddit

You know the drill: having the realisation, sending the text (“Did I leave my headphones in yours?”), receiving confirmation that, yes, you did and having to make the trek back over.

Cue a million ughs.

4. In the event that you forget your deodorant, you may have to bite the bullet and use your significant other’s


The scent will follow you around all day, making you super self-conscious.

You’ll nod and chat away with friends and co-workers, but all the while you’ll be tormented by your smell.

5. In fact, you have to make do without all your toiletries

PA-15245663 Source: Paul Seheult

Goodbye, expensive facewash your Mam got you for Christmas.

Hello, plain bar of soap. You’ll just have to do.

6. None of your beloved snacks are there

snacks Source: whatshouldwecallcc/Tumblr

In your own flat, you’re accustomed to having brown Hula Hoops, avocados and custard creams at your beck and call. None of which are present in your significant other’s house.


7. You have to double up on certain purchases in the supermarket

dog Source: Reddit

One bottle of shampoo for my first home, another for my second home…

8. In fact, you have come to own several toothbrushes


You’ve done the “toothpaste on the finger” thing and you’re not going back there.

9. Wearing the same clothes two days in a row is a sad inevitability

As you pray that nobody notices.

10. And you’ll definitely end up wearing an outfit made up of clothes left behind on different occasions

emma Source: nansgifs/Tumblr

This jumper that I left here three weeks ago goes with this dress I left here on Thursday, doesn’t it?

Oh, who cares?

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