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10 'sexy' Halloween costumes for men that should have never existed

Slightly NSFW, we guess.

WE’VE ALREADY HAD a look at the wildly inappropriate female Halloween costumes. Now, we turn our attention to the men.

1. Sexy prisoner


94da861c15ba8d3b914419459650db8b Source: Pinterest

2. Sexy p***y magnet


pussy-400x400 Source: Thegloss

3. Sexy ring toss

Not suggestive in the slightest.

ring-toss Source: Msmagazine

4. Hmmm, Sexy Darth Vader

Darth Vader was a bad guy, lads.

Halloween-Costumes-With-Underwear09 Source: Underwearexpert

5. Sexually suggestive genie in a bottle

Class act.

Halloween_costumes_for_men_Genie_in_the_Lamp_October_2012_THIS Source: Culturemap

6. Sexy Pizza box

Or should we say, sausage pizza?

Extra_Pepperoni Source: Smosh

7. Sexy leprechaun

The ginge beard makes it.

luckyboxers-s__45438.1397081562.800.800 Source: 3wishes

8. Sexy bad wolf

Jesus wept.

DG_9493_CST_Front_CST2014 Source: Yandy

9. Party in His Pants

We’re all invited.

party-in-my-pants-4 Source: Yimg

10. Heavy Hose Fireman

That’s it, we’re done. With everything.

heavyhose-cm__11600.1397074724.800.800 Source: 3wishes


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