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This year
North Korea has launched new nuclear attack submarine, local media reports
Kim Jong Un described the latest addition to his fleet as crucial to standing up to the naval might of the US and its Asian allies.
All time
US navy engineer charged with trying to pass secrets about nuclear-powered subs
Jonathan Toebbe was arrested in West Virginia together with his 45-year-old wife Diana.
Indonesia says all on board dead after submarine sinks and cracks open
The country’s navy recovered items believed to be from the vessel.
Worries grow about Indonesian sub’s crew as oxygen dwindles
The KRI Nanggala has less than a day’s worth of oxygen remaining for its 53 crew.
Missing Indonesian submarine with 53 people on board may have sunk too deep to reach
The KRI Nanggala 402 was participating in a training exercise when it missed a scheduled reporting call.
Life sentence sought for submarine builder over murder of Swedish journalist
Peter Madse is accused of premeditated murder, aggravated sexual assault and desecrating a corpse.
'Devastation on both sides of the Atlantic': 100 years on from Ireland's worst maritime disaster
More than 500 people died when the RMS Leinster was sunk by three torpedoes in 1918.
Inventor 'viewed video of woman being decapitated' hours before journalist's death
Peter Madsen has admitted dismembering Kim Wall but denies killing her.
Danish inventor accused of murder says journalist was killed by toxic fumes
An expert has said Peter Madsen’s claim is implausible, if not impossible.
Man accused of killing journalist on submarine described himself as a 'loving psychopath', court hears
Peter Madsen is charged with the premeditated murder of journalist Kim Wall last August.
Danish inventor who denies murdering journalist aboard his submarine says she died of toxic fumes
The first day of the trial took place today in Denmark.
Australian submarine which went missing 103 years ago during WWI has been found
It was the first Allied submarine loss in World War 1
'We are in the middle of a tragedy': Argentina gives up search for 44 missing sailors
“The atmosphere in the navy is absolute consternation, anguish and pain,” a senior naval officer said.
Relatives angry as 'explosion' dashes hopes for missing 44 on board submarine
Relatives reacted with anger as the news emerged.
Argentine navy says 'explosion' detected in search for missing submarine
The 44 crew members now missing for a week.
Missing Argentina submarine with 44 crew onboard may have sent out seven distress calls
There has been no contact with the ARA San Juan since early Wednesday.
Journalist's head and legs found by Danish police
Kim Wall vanished after interviewing an inventor aboard his homemade submarine.
Danish submarine inventor accused of murdering journalist 'had videos of women being decapitated alive'
Kim Wall’s headless torso was found floating in waters off Copenhagen on 21 August.
Denmark looking to charge submarine inventor with journalist's murder
Peter Madsen, who has denied the allegations against him, has insisted Wall died in an accident on board the submarine.
Torso of journalist was tied to metal object to weigh it down, police say
Police have said Kim Wall’s arms, legs and head had been “deliberately cut off”.
Wreckage of a World War I submarine 'disabled by a sea monster' found off Scotland
The submarine had been waiting at the surface when it was found.
Lives of Irish Sea fishing crew were 'placed in danger' after being dragged by Royal Navy sub
The crew of the Karen returned safely to shore.
Investigation opened after UK nuclear submarine hits merchant vessel
There was no damage to the nuclear plant, said the defence ministry.
Watch: North Korean propaganda video shows submarine nuclear strike on the US
The isolated state has been stepping up both its anti-US rhetoric and its efforts to secure submarine nuclear capability in recent months.
Fishing boat off Donegal coast nearly hit by submarine
The incident happened about 14 miles off Tory Island.
Finland's navy fired warning shots at something (but doesn't know what it was)
Was it a bird? Was it a plane? Probably not, seeing as it was underwater.
Urgent talks sought with British government over submarine 'dragging' fishing trawler
The boat was badly damaged in the collision.
Was it Russian? British? Mystery surrounds submarine that 'dragged' trawler off Co Down
The vessel was heavily damaged following the incident.
A nuclear submarine is on fire in Russia, but 'there's nothing to worry about'
It is believed the vessel wasn’t carrying nuclear fuel.
The day an Irish fishing boat was sunk by a British submarine
Newly released documents show the Government had ‘no intention’ to get involved in the crew’s case against the UK.
Here's the submarine Sweden was searching for
It looks a little… wobbly.
How the CIA tried to raise a lost Soviet submarine with a giant crane — and sort of succeeded
The sunken Soviet submarine sank in the Pacific Ocean some 1,500 miles northwest of Hawaii.
Terrifying giant squid filmed attacking Greenpeace submarine
Damn nature, you scary.
The inventor of the submarine is being honoured in Clare this month
John P Holland was a native of county Clare.
No MH370 debris found where underwater pings were detected
A US Navy official queried whether the missing plane ever went there.
This Cork classified ad is selling a Russian nuclear attack submarine
He’ll swap it for a “3 bed semi in a nice area”.
Divers find another body on Indian submarine after it exploded
Eighteen crewmen were on board the submarine when it exploded and sank, but the navy says some bodies may never be found because of the high temperature of the fire.
All eighteen sailors on Indian submarine that exploded feared dead
No signs of life have been found on board by divers who entered the vessel. A board of enquiry will investigate what happened.
The Submarine Bar in Crumlin closed as receivers appointed
The well-known pub in south Dublin had receivers appointed to it yesterday.
India set to test first nuclear submarine
Officials say they plan to have six nuclear subs in operation by 2018.