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This Cork classified ad is selling a Russian nuclear attack submarine

He’ll swap it for a “3 bed semi in a nice area”.

Image: locate.ie

AT THE END of last year, the Russian Navy officially commissioned a state-of-the-art nuclear attack submarine carrying long-range cruise missiles.

Well, sorry Russia. Because that submarine is now for sale in the harbour of Cobh, Co Cork. At least, according to an amusing classified ad which appeared last week.

The advertiser says he will swap the newly-minted Severodinsk sub – which carries intercontinental nuclear missiles and cost an estimated $1billion to manufacture – for “a 3 bed semi in a nice area and a good economical diesel car”.

Giving his location as “The Harbour, Cobh, Cork”, nonsense artist “Victor” writes:

I am selling a 6 month old submarine…I was an officer in the Russian Navy for over 20 years and have not been paid for the last 9 months so I’ve decided to take this almost new submarine and sell it.This Submarine is the most sophisticated in the World and would have many uses in this Country [...] Comes with 24 cruise missiles and can stay at sea for up to 100 days. No silly offers but would swap for a 3 bed semi in a nice area and a good economical diesel car.

In case you’re wondering whether to make an offer on the sub – which also comes with its own nuclear reactor – this is the size of it:

Source: Kremlin

So. Anyone up for a whip round?

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