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Terrifying giant squid filmed attacking Greenpeace submarine

Damn nature, you scary.

THIS GIANT SQUID is not a fan of Greenpeace. The environmental organisation shot this frankly creepy footage of a giant squid attacking their submarine during an expedition in the Bering Sea between Russia and Alaska.

The squid can be seen waving its tentacles and squirting black ink at the submarine in a panic. It’s later seen spinning around while the crew try to scare it off with a pointed light.

Luckily, the creature swam away before it caused any damage to the submarine or itself.

Source: Dr-News/YouTube

Little is known about giant squids only that they live deep underwater and are known to duel with sperm whales (our nerves). Most of what researchers know comes from examining dead specimens that wash up on the beach, with the largest squid ever recorded being 13 meters in length and weighing a tonne.


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