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Tell us: What was your greatest ever Halloween costume?

We’re looking for your best rig-outs down the years. Halloween costume pride!

This photo includes a person who is now writes for us. We're not telling you who.
This photo includes a person who is now writes for us. We're not telling you who.
Image: TheJournal.ie

IT’S ALMOST HALLOWEEN, ladies and gents. And round these parts, Halloween only means one thing.

Yep: Getting gussied up as something ridiculous, going to a house party where you hardly know anybody, and ending up in tears on the shoulder of Gandalf.

So what’s your Halloween costume favourite? Send any photos to tips@dailyedge.ie, or use the “Send a Photo/Video” link below. We’ll put the best in a special slideshow feature.

To get you started, a quick survey of the DailyEdge.ie and TheJournal.ie offices revealed a chequered history of dressing up.

We’re not going to tell you who these costumes belong to, but feel free to guess:

I once cut up my mother’s tiger-print bedside rug to make a Flintstones-style toga. She wasn’t delighted. To be fair, I was 19.
I was Madonna last year, which finally gave me good use for a bullet bra that I spend stupid money on.
I dressed up as a yuppy. Slicked back hair, communion suit and fake mobile phone. Instant Gordon Gekko.
One year I dressed up as a Rubik’s Cube.
One year I dressed up as a television. I wore a giant box which previously contained crisps – I got it from our local shop – and glued a page from a magazine across the front, which was supposed to show a cooking programme. However after two or three houses the page blew away, and after trying to persuade people at the doors that I really was a television, I had to give up after a while and just told them that I was just a crisp box.

So now you know our innermost secrets. What’s your Halloween greatest hit?

Those details again: Send any photos to tips@dailyedge.ie, or use the “Send a Photo/Video” link below. Maybe we’ll include some of our own too…

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