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Strangers are sending this little boy with brain cancer hundreds of cards for his birthday

Birthday wish, granted.

5-YEAR-OLD DANNY NICKERSON from Massachusetts was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in October. He turns six on Friday July 25, and all he wants is a bunch of cards with his name on them.

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Due to his illness, the little boy had to stop going to school, and gets lonely as a result. His mother took to Facebook in an effort to cheer him up with a special surprise on his birthday:

Danny turns 6 in 24 days. He loves receiving mail and he’s always checking the mail box for mail with his name on it. How many birthday cards can we get before his birthday? And give him a month of tons of mail! He will love it! Then on his birthday I will post a picture of all the cards together!

Speaking to ABC News, Danny’s mother Carley said his love of mail started around Easter.

He can recognize his name now. When he saw his name on the package from magical fairies on Easter, he was so happy.

Danny, who had 33 radiations from November through December last year, is now getting chemotherapy every two weeks. Doctors say less than 10% of children with his type of cancer live longer than 18 months, something Carley doesn’t accept.

I don’t really believe in that. He is doing great. Every day is a blessing for us.

The appeal quickly made its way to Reddit after it was picked up by local media. Before the story went viral, Danny had about 40 cards. He most recent pick-up from his PO box contained over 1000 cards and packages.

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So much so, that he’s having a tough time opening them all.

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His mum also mentioned he’s a huge fan of lego and Mario, telling ABC News, “I wish Lego makes Super Mario toys. That would really make him happy.”

Now Redditors are trying to make that happen too, emailing the company and even fashioning their own Marios. User ICanLegoThat, wrote:

“I heard about Danny’s interest in Super Mario Bros, so I decided to make a LEGO Mario, Luigi, and a Kart for each of them. Here’s Mario’s. I put them in the mail this afternoon; should be reaching you shortly!”

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Their efforts aren’t going unappreciated, with Nickerson constantly keeping well-wishers updated on Facebook, ”Thank you so much everyone! We are speechless! We are feeling so much love from everyone!”

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