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The Man with the Golden Voice

Ted Williams, a homeless man from Ohio, had fallen on hard times after abusing drink and drugs. But he has a secret – he has… The Voice.

“THE GOD-GIVEN gift of voice” is what Ohio man Ted Williams is relying on to provide him with a fresh start, after giving up drugs and drinking two years ago.

Williams was standing with a handwritten sign asking for spare change on a freeway exit ramp in Columbus, Ohio, when a local reporter asked if he could film him.

Do you think Williams lives up to his nickname as the “homeless man with a golden radio voice”? Have a listen and find out…

The Columbus Dispatch, the newspaper responsible for the video, has reported that since posting Williams’ voice online it has been inudated with “scores” of media inquiries and potential job offers after the video went viral.

Frustratingly, as the offers kept piling up, Williams could not be tracked down by his media contacts for almost entire day. A local radio programme director Tony Florentino said: “We’re on pins and needles. I think he really has no idea how big this is going to be.”

Thankfully however, Williams was finally found and given the good news. The latest? He has been offered a job – and a house – by local professional basketball team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It might still be January, but we think we’ve found our feel-good story of the year…

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