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The trailer for this film about Americans coming to Ireland looks offensively stupid

Makes Leap Year look like a masterpiece.
Mar 24th 2015, 8:06 AM 6,077 11

FILMS ABOUT AMERICANS coming to Ireland are almost always invariably cringeworthy.

Just think of Leap Year and PS I Love You.

But both of those films are veritable masterpieces when compared to The Yank, a film that somehow stars Colm Meaney. (More on that later.) The film follows an Irish-American man who travels to Ireland and discovers that it isn’t quite what he expected.

But that synopsis alone doesn’t quite convey the stupidity of this film.

Source: Chicago Comedy Film Festival/YouTube

It opens with this declaration.

tomm Source: YouTube

Here are Tom’s peeps.

tom2 Source: YouTube

The family areso Irish that they have a timer counting down to St. Patrick’s Day in their living room.

patricks Source: YouTube

Just hanging out, being Irish.

hanging Source: YouTube

This lad pronounces “sláinte” like “sah-lawn-cha”

slainte Source: YouTube

Did we mention that the guy from Hardy Bucks is in it?

hardybucks Source: YouTube

And so is Colm Meaney

colm Source: YouTube

This guy has a tantrum because he can’t have more Guinness

tantrum Source: YouTube

Even the film’s promotional materials will make you wince


“Some roots should be left in the ground…”

So, this all begs the question — why is Colm Meaney involved in this?

Last year, Meaney discussed the film on Saturday Night with Miriam and absolutely slated it.

There’s a thing I did just a few years ago, which we shot down in Clare. I did it because it was convenient and I wanted to be here. It was this kid from Cleveland managed to get the money together to make this dreadful script, a kind of romantic comedy. And it was just that awful American kitsch attitude of Ireland. Thankfully, I haven’t seen it.


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