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'I found the window smashed in': Dublin gardaí probing spate of early morning café burglaries
Several businesses on Dublin’s quays have been targeted in recent weeks.
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# dresden
Thieves make off with treasure worth up to €1 billion from museum in Germany
“It’s not just the State Art Collections that was robbed, but us Saxons,” the governor of Saxony said.
# thieves
Dun Laoghaire burglary gangs 'have joined forces' to target upmarket areas of south Dublin
The gangs have been robbing homes and cars for over a decade.
# Paris
Twenty tourists robbed at Charles de Gaulle airport hotel
It’s not the first time tourists have been targeted there.
# nutty
Crime gangs in California keep stealing truckloads of nuts
The nuts are often shipped to Europe or Asia, where they fetch a high price on the black market.
# rural crime
Farmers in Tipperary 'patrolling countryside with guns' to ward off burglars
One man’s farm has been targeted six times.
# power network
Thieves steal more than two miles of copper from dangerous overhead lines
The ESB has expressed concern for the safety of those stealing the wire.
# can't stand up now
Man arrested at a Libertines gig with 38 mobile phones stuffed down his trousers
His pants were taped shut.
# Crime
Thieves return packages they stole by mistake to police, but keep Louis Vuitton loot
Six packages belonging to the French police were stolen on 22 December.
# Utah
This town is putting out fake Christmas packages to 'confuse and frustrate' thieves
They contain rocks, old clothes and broken televisions.
# In Bustody
Car thieves arrested after getting onto bus beside where they crashed
They were both taken to Blackrock Garda Station where they remain in custody.
# Dublin
Eight cars broken into outside two GAA clubs within an hour
Gardaí say a number of items were taken.
# Your Say
Poll: Has your home ever been burgled?
There has been a surge in burglaries since 2007, particularly in Dublin.
# ging gang gone
Thieves have stolen this entire container filled with a Dublin scout troop's equipment
It’s not exactly small…
# Swords
Appeal for witnesses after tourists targeted in violent robbery
A man and woman were both assaulted and a camera bag was stolen.
# thieves
Are taxi drivers at greater risk of being robbed? We asked some to find out
One Sinn Féin TD thinks taxi signs get attention from “undesirables”.
# necklace
The ashes of a man's partner and child were stolen from a house in Waterford
Keith Nolan is appealing for them to be returned.
# Operation Fiacla
Recognise any of this jewellery? It was all stolen
Gardaí are anxious to find its rightful owners.
# slithering
Thieves break into flat, steal two sacks of 38 snakes
Eight of the snakes are pregnant females
# left behind
Mother's plea to thieves who stole her baby boy's ashes but left the box storing them
The ashes in a sealed bag were gone.
# intruder alert
'There's nothing more horrendous' - Watch out for burglars after your Christmas gifts
It can happen to anyone but there are things you can do to make it more difficult for burglars to rob you.
# made him cross
Robbers target archbishop by accident... then abandon stolen crucifix
The items they stole were made of metal, and not gold.
# Radioactive
Gardaí issue warning to thieves who stole "dangerous" machine
The stolen machine emits radiation, gardaí say.
# lock it up
Safe deposit box rental up as aggravated burglary numbers soar
One client at a safe deposit box facility said a burglar put the kettle on and told them they had until it boiled to tell them where their safe was.
# Cork
Two men charged over filling station robbery
A woman was also arrested after the armed robbery on Thursday evening, though a third man managed to escape.
# engraved
Family urge for watch of their deceased Dad to be handed in
This is the second time engraved watches were stolen from the deceased in Louth this year.
# Lost and Found
Vial thieves 'threw away' John Paul II's blood
Reports say the thieves did not understand the value of the relic.
# Burglary
Thieves steal watches engraved with messages for deceased man's sons
Stephen Carroll passed away from cancer just two months ago and had left the watches to be given to his sons on their 18th birthdays.
# twerk it
Thief twerks 'for an entire hour' before stealing packages
Everybody needs a warm-up.
# Simon Community
Dublin Simon Community has only van stolen by thieves
The homeless service left their van in a storage facility following a charity fun run on Saturday only to return on Monday to find it had been taken.
# my little pony
Man tracks down and confronts thieves who stole his giant pink pony
It’s all very civilised.
# Beady Eye
Here's the proof that seagulls are the devil incarnate
They are pure, beady eyed, evil.
Thief tries to steal woman's handbag and is immediately hit by a bus
Someone must have called the Karma police.
WATCH: Ordinary people take on thieves and win
# nutella
Five tonnes of Nutella stolen in Germany
Thieves in the region have previously stolen other large quantities of food products including coffee and energy drink.
# Heist
7 reasons the Belgian diamond heist will definitely be turned into a movie
Officials in Brussels have said the sophisticated robbery will go down as one of the biggest in history.
# Clever
This ad is really footage of a €15k robbery
A Brazilian menswear store turns the tables on pre-Christmas thieves with their new ad campaign.
# Christmas Capers
Video: Tackling Irish Christmas tree thefts in 1962
But those pesky tree thieves had to contend with the gardaí’s genius ‘element of surprise’ tactic…
# daylight robbery
Armed robbery at Bank of Ireland on College Green
Two men escaped with an undisclosed sum of money in the raid on Bank of Ireland on College Green in Dublin city centre today.
# Foiled
German thieves make off with piggy bank and two chocolate bars
“The way they acted has prompted the suspicion that these were not professional thieves,” said the police.