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13 things girls with small boobs would like you to understand

Hear us out.

1. Padded bras are a necessary evil

CPa71MyU8AAeVd1 HumblyHip / Twitter HumblyHip / Twitter / Twitter

You know you’re not fooling anyone with them, but you persist with the charade nevertheless.

2. That said, you have no time for lads who complain about them


3. Oh, and good luck to you if you’re an A-cup and you don’t want a padded bra

giphy (15) bricesander / Tumblr bricesander / Tumblr / Tumblr

You: I just want a normal bra without 8 inches of padding.

Shops: LOL, what? Don’t get you.

4. Cleavage? LOL, what cleavage?

pink PinkVEVO / YouTube PinkVEVO / YouTube / YouTube

That word is not in your vocabulary.

5. Strapless/backless clothing require careful planning and consideration

67th Primetime Emmy Awards - Governors Ball Winners Circle Danny Moloshok Danny Moloshok

On the one hand, you can wear a backless dress and not worry about wearing a bra. On the other hand, you risk looking flat as a board when you don’t wear a bra.

And strapless dresses come with their own risks. CAN MY MODEST BUST REALLY SUPPORT THIS? WHAT IF IT FALLS DOWN?

6. You’ve listened to girls with B and C cups talk about having “small boobs” and been like…

giphy (13) marloesevee / Tumblr marloesevee / Tumblr / Tumblr

You don’t know the real struggle.

7. For some reason, people think it’s okay to remark on the size of your boobs.

Yes, I know I have small boobs and, yes, you are being rude right now.

8. You’ve nodded and laughed along as your gal friends talk about boob sweat/not being able to sleep on their stomachs/lads staring at their chest area.


When in reality, none of it applies to you.


9. Buying bikinis causes its own drama.

Christopher Shannon Catwalk - London Collections: Men 2015 Empics Entertainment Empics Entertainment

Particularly if you’ve got hips and an arse, and you have to buy different sizes in tops and bottoms.

10. It might sound silly, but you have legitimately wondered if you will be able to, you know, provide for your future child.

girlssmall Yahoo! Answers Yahoo! Answers

(The answer to that question is, yes, obviously you can.)

11. You’ve read so many articles about “celebrities with small boobs” and every single one of them makes you want to bang your head against a wall.


Of course Kate Moss has small boobs! She’s a MODEL.

This is not relatable!

12. People try to console you by saying things like, “Oh my God, you’re so lucky you don’t have to wear a bra!” Hex Jam Hex Jam

In theory, this is true.

Until you remember you (a) live in a country where it tends to get a little chilly and (b) you still have nipples to cover up.

13. You feel bad for complaining about them, because you know you don’t have to deal with back pain and all that…

giphy (14) Reddit Reddit

But still!

You just wouldn’t mind being able to actually fill out a bra.

Is that too much to ask?

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