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# Great expectations
18 times food didn't live up to expectations
Or what happens when your order gets lost in translation.

1. When this woman asked for “cheese and biscuits” and got, a plate of, er, Brie and Jammie Dodgers

2. When this person asked for a ham and cheese toastie in Costa and got… this

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3. When this girl opened her crisps only to find it was basically a bag of air

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4. When this girl ordered a cake with a “cap” drawn on… and they evidently misheard

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5. When this person thought their “lettuce” burger would arrive on two leaves of lettuce… and this happened


6. When this person ordered popcorn shrimp and was given this

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7. When you ask for mayonnaise on top and bottom of your chicken burger and they take the request a little too literally

1R11aIM Imgur Imgur

8. Or when you ask for “one pepperoni pizza” and they totally misunderstand what you’re saying

Ds8CacB Imgur Imgur

9. When this person ordered cheesesticks and the bar just put cheese on regular breadsticks

Improvisation, my friends.

g9SAJTB Imgur Imgur

10. When you ask for an “ice-cream sandwich” and they stick ice-cream between two slices of bread

eck7cTq Imgur Imgur

11. When McDonald’s didn’t understand what a “cheeseburger with just ketchup” really meant

BSoKM Imgur Imgur

12. When a girl ordered an affogato (ice-cream topped with espresso) and got an avocado topped with ice-cream and espresso

Easy mistake, to be fair.

ji3sK Imgur Imgur


13. When this couple ordered four “large” pizzas and this happened

UYPbkxB Imgur Imgur

14. When you order a “tomato salad”

Q3PwiyP Imgur Imgur

15. When you order an “American Pizza” in Sweden and you’re presented with this


bFbdUPu Imgur Imgur

17. When this granny accidentally ordered a burrito the size of her head.

FdHFaRY Imgur Imgur


18. And when this person asked for a Caesar Salad and got this monstrosity.

iIERjD6 Imgur Imgur

This guy spent $1500 and six months making a sandwich from scratch >

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