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Poll: Should Irish restaurants display calorie counts on menus?
There has been a mixed response to the UK’s decision to make this mandatory for some restaurants from this week.
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# Food
Advice for people with eating disorders, and their loved ones, this Christmas
Some people start to deny themselves food in the weeks leading up to Christmas, while others binge eat.
# eat up
Here's how to reduce food waste this Christmas week
Don’t bin those leftovers.
# culinary capital
48 hours in Galway: An insider guide to the very best of the city's buzzing food scene
In the last decade, Galway has won recognition as a thriving culinary hotspot. Here’s how to make the best of it.
# steaks ahoy
Leo Varadkar reassures a concerned Dáil that he hasn't gone vegan
He said yesterday that he is cutting down on how much meat he is eating.
In the garden: How to fight back (nicely) against the caterpillars eating your plants
Growing brassicas like kale or cauliflower is basically a war between you and the creatures that want to eat the plants, writes Michael Kelly of
# parents panel
Parents Panel: What's one thing your child just won't eat?
Meat? Banana? Anything depending on the day? How our panel are negotiating the world of food.
Ruby Tandoh: 'Food fads are toxic - they erode the faith you have in your appetite'
Former Great British Bake-off contestant Ruby Tandoh has written a book that’s an antidote to stress and pressure over food and eating. She says: eat up and enjoy your food.
# booj
Boojum are trialing a new way to calm the queues in a 'Turbo Boojum' in the IFSC
# lunch crunch
Poll: Do you consider yourself a fussy eater?
Give it to us straight. Be honest.
# Facebook Live
Got questions about how to feed your child healthy food? Let us put them to an expert
We’ll be chatting to Dr Eva Orsmond live about her new show, Ireland’s Health Divide – and we want to put your questions to her.
# purrfect timing
After spate of animal cruelty cases, Taiwan has decided to ban the eating of cats and dogs
Eating dogs is believed to boost male potency by some in the country.
# death by chocolate
Unhealthy eating is linked to 400,000 US deaths per year
The study found people are not eating enough fruit and veg.
# billy roll
10 times the world got a glimpse into what Irish food is really like
“You eat WHAT?”
# notions
10 things all expert M&S shoppers know to be true
Percy Pigs = your kryptonite.
# sacred place
11 times Irish delis were a window into the nation's soul
Get yer hang sangwiches.
# boojum
Boojum is *finally* opening in Cork this Thursday
Form an orderly queue.
# build bridges not walls
This Mexican shop in Dublin has put a 'wall of love' in their window in response to Trump
Their nickname for Trump? El Bully.
A photo of a pizza slice with a rake of pineapple on it has given Twitter conniptions
Ah here.
# Irish Abroad
A new subscription box service for emigrants promises you tasty Irish treats every month
# Challenge Accepted
This Irish student attempted to eat five chicken fillet rolls in under one hour
When backed into a corner, he delivered…
# Irish Stew
7 truths the world needs to know about Irish stew
There’s nothing like mammy’s stew.
# few scoops
An ice cream parlour in Ranelagh has created a Kinder Bueno gelato
And people are going mad for it.
# fonte coffee
A hipstery Seattle coffee company have opened a new café on Dublin's Parliament Street
Here’s what you need to know about Fonte Coffee.
# good avo
This little sticker is a gamechanger for anyone who's ever been betrayed by a 'ready to eat' avocado
# Like and Share
This Carlow deli is running the most Irish 'like and share' competition ever
Like and share for a chicken roll.
# eat your heart out
16 foods that prove Irish junk food is vastly superior to the rest of the world's
Ireland does junk food right. Fact.
# tasty spice
An Indian takeaway in Kilkenny has introduced its own version of the munchy box
Naan better.
# taytoo
This guy's new Mr Tayto tattoo shows a serious commitment to crisps
And the giant potato himself.
# thick cut
Supermac's chips are better than McDonald’s chips and it’s time we all admitted it
One is globally famous, the other is 100% delish.
# siopa na gael
This cute little Irish shop in London is absolutely beloved by emigrants
A one-stop shop for Tayto, TK and Kimberleys.
# damn good coffee
11 deadly coffee places in Dublin you need to make it your mission to visit in 2017
Don’t talk to me till I’ve had my coffee.
# rank
Weetabix now has eggs and ham as a serving suggestion and people are like ‘ah here’
What fresh hell is this?
# Love is in the air
This Galway restaurant is bringing First Dates to life for Valentine's Day weekend
# zoats
Courgette porridge, also known as 'zoats', is the perplexing breakfast trend taking over Instagram
Also known as ‘zoats’.
# Goliath
This Tipperary chipper is challenging people to eat their preposterously large 14-layer burger
# no lads
11 times fast food made an absolute hames of it
# bunsen
11 signs your Bunsen addiction has gone too far
# flash with the cash
This Temple Bar restaurant's seafood platter is the most expensive takeaway item in Ireland
Er, we’ll stick to the Dominos.
# spice box
KFC has attempted its own version of the spice bag
In a box. With no spices.