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# Toblerone

This year
# Triangle of life
Swiss mountain leaving Toblerone wrappers as production moves to Slovakia
Switzerland has strict rules about when products can refer to items being made there for marketing purposes.
All time
There'll soon be 7 fewer biscuits in a packet of digestives, and no, NOTHING is sacred
BREXIT!!! *shakes fist*
# on me tobler
People are finding ingenious ways to use those new Toblerone bars
They’re good for *something*, at least.
# make toblerones great again
16 spot on reactions to the Toblerone debacle
# less peaks
They've changed the shape of Toblerones and people are not happy
But we await confirmation on whether it will affect Irish ones.
# less peaks
They've dared to change the shape of Toblerones and yes, they're coming to Ireland
The Toblorange is the chocolate innovation we've all been waiting for
They have evolved.
# Subliminal
Big-brand logos that you should look more closely at
There’s a lot more to these 9 logos than first meets the eye.