Rally driver Rosemary Smith really impressed people on The Tommy Tiernan Show last night

She drove professionally for almost 66 years!

ANOTHER WEEK, ANOTHER episode of The Tommy Tiernan Show.

This week, international rally and race driver Rosemary Smith, who shot to fame in the 1960s when she took the male-dominated world of motor sport by storm.

Source: RTÉ

Things didn’t get off to a great start, when Tommy admitted he didn’t recognise her.

You don’t recognise me? I’m disgusted.”

She showed Tommy a montage of all of her previous wins, declaring defiantly:

I like driving fast. Very fast.”

Source: RTÉ

Initally, her attempts to make it in the sport were scoffed at by her male competitors, saying she was dismissed as a “dumb blonde”.

It took a long time for the men to actually, to accept me that I was one of them.”

Tommy was suitably impressed to learn that Rosemary drove professionally from the age of 14 until just last year.

She began her career as a fashion designer. However, when a client made a request for clothes for rally driving, her interest was piqued.

Source: RTÉ

When Tommy asked her about her relationship with danger, she admitted: “We don’t get on very well.”

Although, she seemed keen to downplay her previous accidents:

I tumbled down a few mountains.”

If you’re going to do it,  you’ve got to be prepared for it.”

She recounted a crash at a Monte Carlo rally, under particularly poor weather conditions, in which she ended up crashing into a tree, hanging upside down.

I was alright!”

We’ll let Tommy’s face do the talking here.

Source: RTÉ

She also admitted she met loads of interesting men throughout her career, but she doesn’t kiss and tell, natch.

Twitter was very taken with her as well:

Rosemary Smith – a hero for Ireland. <3

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