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# Totes Awks

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# Totes Awks
This newspaper very awkwardly mixed up the symbols for 'man' and 'woman'
# Awkward
20 awkward moments every Irish gal will relate to
Totes awks.
# Totes Awks
Jordan Spieth was asked out by Miss Texas while he was sitting beside his girlfriend
Well this is awkward…
# Totes Awks
8 horrifically awkward things you may have missed at the Brits
Please, couch, eat us whole.
# Totes Awks
John Travolta trying to lob the gob on Scarlett Johansson is as creepy as you think
Warning: this is deeply upsetting.
# So Lucky
Kylie Minogue surprises mega-fan in gym, things get mega awkward
Especially for you is right.
# Totes Awks
Phone thieves accidentally send awkward DIY porn to their victim
As if being robbed wasn’t punishment enough.
# Totes Awks
King Joffrey had a very awkward encounter in Dublin
ARGH. Also, he is turning down sex.
# Totes Awks
11 of the world's most awkward social situations
This is where uncomfortable lives.
# Totes Awks
The awkward way people flirt on dating app Tinder
“I can’t help but stare.” Please don’t.
# Totes Awks
In pics, videos: the 12 most awkward greetings of world leaders
It’s going to take a lot of diplomacy to smooth these over…