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11 inarguable reasons real books will always be better than e-books

We laugh in the face of your technological advances.

IT’S WORLD BOOK Day, which basically means that you have to read a book. Everyone knows that books are simply superior to kindles and tablet e-readers.

Why? Oh, just a few things.

1. There’s no battery to run out, ever

OK, an e-reader has a battery that lasts longer than time itself but it will always hit empty just when you need it most, ahead of that three-hour train journey.

Books don’t run out on you. Books are always there for you.

A veces pasa edans edans


2. They have that new book smell

Sniffing a fresh new book is one of this earth’s greatest scents. Breathe it in. Kindles just smell like plastic, slightly singed dust, and disappointment.

New-Book-Smell Mimifroufrou Mimifroufrou

3. You’ll always have the satisfaction of cracking the spine


Hardcover book gutter and pages Horia Varlan Horia Varlan


4. You can spend ages browsing book shops

Whether browsing around a book shop or receiving a big Amazon delivery, searching around iBooks takes away EVERYTHING that is great about buying books. Convenience smeanience.

EASONS ON O'CONNELL STREET infomatique infomatique

5. School book fairs wouldn’t exist without them

Where else would kids buy Nancy Drew books or Where’s Wally puzzles?

Let’s not even begin to ponder the fate of the wonderful library. N’able.

old UC Berkeley Library School Library Book joebeone joebeone

6. You can align the spines to get THIS

Your move, Kindle.

55Design Fontpicker Fontpicker

7. Books become part of the furniture

E-readers just aren’t as homely and probably fit in your drawer.

Just leave us here, let us be, among the books.

Bookshelves and stacks of books in this... bookshelfporn bookshelfporn

8. Some of the cover art is amazing

It’s just not the same on a screen, and how else can you show off that pseudo-intellectual collection of essays you’re currently stuck into? Think of all the wistful rom-com chance conversations that would never have happened?

ee6e1bc810c326b4d12b47ca7fa42248 Susan Lee Susan Lee

Boxed Kindles and Covers Rochelle, just rochelle Rochelle, just rochelle

9. You can keep reading them during take-off on flights

Some airlines still won’t allow it. SMUG.

bookflightlol Shutterstock Shutterstock

10. Borrowing and swapping them is the best

Transferring files isn’t nearly as gratifying. There are some treasures to be found in markets, but there’s no such thing as a second-hand .mobi.

Book swapping nSeika nSeika

11. Satisfaction how many pages gone through

You can tell at-a-glance how much longer you have to invest in a book as well as picking the perfect interval to use your fancy bookmark. The progress bar on the Kindle is LAME.

Reading a book at the beach Simon Cocks Simon Cocks


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