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Passengers describe train derailment like ‘a monster coming up from the floor’

The train derailed in Sydney yesterday.

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AUSTRALIAN COMMUTERS GOT a shock when their train derailed as the result of a large metal bar that broke through the floor ‘like a monster’.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Bondi Junction train derailed near Edgecliff Station on Wednesday after a collision with a long metal pole.

Chief executive of Sydney Trains Howard Collins said that the invader was a piece of metal channelling attached to a nearby walkway.

The company are still unaware if the metal is he sole reason behind the derailment as of yet but it was “either something connected to the train which has damaged the infrastructure of the track, or it was something on the track”.

Trains were back to usual service on Thursday with the incident response crew worked over night. However, nothing unusual was found to be wrong with the train itself and the accident isn’t suspected to be a ‘fleet issue’.

Reports from passengers suggest that they got a burning smell when they boarded, and many claim to have sensed something was wrong. Many took to Twitter to reveal their initial shock.



One lucky passenger, Kiriana Buffet explained how she narrowly avoided being hit by the metal.

When we started moving there was really loud knocking all the way, and when we stopped at Edgecliff it was like a mad explosion. I saw it come through the floor, and when it came through the floor it just went over my head.

The 700 passengers were evacuated to a train travelling the opposite direction, with one man Peter Pulu describing the incident as monstrous.

It was just like a monster coming up from the floor. It was not that fast. It went up and hit the roof.

Luckily, no injuries were reported at the scene.

Source: 7NEWS

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