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Is TV3's new quiz show just TOO easy?

Try some of the questions for yourself.

CROSSFIRE, A BRAND new quiz show hosted by Sean Moncrieff started on TV3 last night.

The aim of the game is answer correct questions to take out opponents. Each player has ten lives on their podium, answer correctly and a point goes into the centre pot. You can collect up correct answers to hit an opponent with, and steal questions they get wrong.

There was one common complaint though. The questions were just too easy for these brainboxes.

Let’s examine this claim, shall we. How many of these can you answer correctly?

A kilogram is a measurement of what?


If you took part in Crufts, what would you be displaying?


Eggplant is another name for what?


What kind of food is Balsamic?


What canal runs through North Dublin?



  • What about when there’s no multiple choice in play.
  • Into the Groove was a number one hit for which singer?
  • Which motorway links Belfast and Dublin?
  • Which alcoholic drink is know as ‘the green fairy’?

Well, it’s no University Challenge.

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