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9 types of bras every Irish gal has in her drawer

Don’t lie.

bra Flickr Flickr

A tatty nude bra you’re forced to wear in between washes


A staple of every gal’s wardrobe.

Has probably turned a weird shade of fleshy grey and is no doubt a bit misshapen.

A useless strapless bra that you have to pull up every five minutes

Noel. / Vine

God help you if you wear it in public, tbh.

A sports bra you bought around the same time you took a solemn vow to actually go to the gym

Sorry not sorry.

A fluorescent bra covered in watermelons/asorted fruit/rabbits/something whimsical

CHEN6xYXIAALT0k dealmarvisg / Twitter dealmarvisg / Twitter / Twitter

Most likely purchased in Penneys for €7 because, sure, where would you get it?

A bra that got utterly destroyed in the wash, but you’re too heartbroken to throw out

And so it remains in the back of your drawer where it serves as a daily reminder of why you should hand wash your bras. (You still don’t, though.)

A ‘sexy’ bra that’s completely impractical and borderline embarrassing

image1xxl (1) ASOS ASOS

The kind of bra that’s trying so hard to be ‘sexy’ that you feel embarrassed to leave it dry on a clothes horse lest any of your housemates see it.

An experimental bra that you purchased after reading a magazine article

image1xxl ASOS ASOS

So now you own a ‘bralet’ that you never wear because you suspect that it doesn’t quite keep your nips in check.


A bra you hang on to despite the fact that there’s literally wire coming out of it

BW-Hx_LCUAAs9EF flawlessjonah / Twitter flawlessjonah / Twitter / Twitter


- you to your bra

The perfect bra

bra Flickr Flickr

This one fits you like a glove. In fact, it’s so comfy that you don’t even feel that well-documented urge to take it off when you come after a long day.

If only all bras were like this.

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