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Superyacht worth over €100 million and owned by oligarch with close ties to Putin seized by US
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US House approves measures in attempt to end government shutdown
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US whistleblower Chelsea Manning faces Australia speaking tour ban
Trump ousts Veteran Affairs chief as he taps White House doctor to replace him
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Obama: We are deeply concerned about what's happening in Kobane
An official arm of the US government is tweeting doge memes
This group want to build a large Satan statue in a US city
9 of the most emotional images from the US Government shutdown
Snowden not on Bolivian jet in Vienna: Austria‎
Snowden applies for asylum in Ireland… and 18 other nations
Google asks US for permission to reveal scale of data transfers
Google, Facebook, Skype, YouTube also tapped by US government
US can keep dead Osama bin Laden photos under wraps
A massive and unprecedented intrusion: AP slams US government's snooping
Mermaids don't exist: official line from US government
Pizza is not a vegetable says Congressman
Teenagers sue US government over global warming
US to pay anthrax attack victim's family $2.5m
Former NASA scientist admits trying to spy for Israel
Obama walks out of budget talks with Republicans
Obama to prepare plan for US's long-term deficit reduction
The 9 at 9: Saturday
US government avoids shut down after last minute deal on budget spending
US to impose 'unilateral and multilateral' sanctions against Libya as unrest continues