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March 2023
# unity referendums
Taoiseach criticises SF's Irish unity adverts in the New York Times calling it 'unhelpful'
The half-page advert says the British Government continues to ‘break its obligations’.
Last year
# oligarchs
Superyacht worth over €100 million and owned by oligarch with close ties to Putin seized by US
The Tango is a 254-foot vessel carrying a Cook Islands flag, a Civil Guard source said.
All time
# Tit for tat
'She's behaved so irrationally': Trump lashes out at Pelosi for rejecting proposed border wall deal
Top Democrat Nancy Pelosi yesterday called Trump’s deal a “non-starter”.
# Shutdown
Cash-strapped federal workers flock to food banks amid US government shutdown
There was no sign early today of a breakthrough in the showdown between Trump and Democrats in Congress.
# Shutdown
US House approves measures in attempt to end government shutdown
The bills that passed the House contain no funding for a border wall demanded by Trump.
# not impressed
Christmas shutdown for the US government with Trump painted as the 'Grinch who stole the deal'
Around 800,000 federal employees may be forced to ditch work or work without pay ahead of Christmas.
# visa trouble
US whistleblower Chelsea Manning faces Australia speaking tour ban
Organisers of a speaking tour have said they’ve received notice that Manning’s visa will be denied.
# Shulkin out
Trump ousts Veteran Affairs chief as he taps White House doctor to replace him
Dr Ronny Jackson has been named as David Shulkin’s successor.
# shutdown averted
US Senate passes huge $1.3 trillion spending bill to avert another government shutdown
The bill will now go to the White House for Donald Trump’s signature.
# dreamers
US Senate rejects immigration bills following White House veto threat
The Senate rejected both a bipartisan immigration plan and a more restrictive proposal by Trump.
# Illegal Immigrants
Explainer: Who are the Dreamers and how are Irish illegals affected by US immigration disputes?
Thousands of illegal immigrants are living in fear are the US government continues to dispute immigration laws.
# stand still
US government shutdown: Blame game continues as US lawmakers launch last-ditch bid
“I assure you we will have the vote at 1am on Monday, unless there is a desire to have it sooner.”
# standstill
US gov shutdown: Trump blames Democrats for being 'too concerned with illegal immigrants'
Thousands of government workers will be sent home without pay until the crisis is resolved.
# close the doors
What actually shuts down during a US government shutdown?
The US government will shut down unless a deal is agreed by 5am Irish time.
# legal rights
America will soon recognise gay marriage in another six states
This will bring the total number of states where same sex couples are recognised by the federal government to 32.
# Syria
Obama: We are deeply concerned about what's happening in Kobane
The US president has committed to continued air strikes on the northern Syrian town.
# very sadness
An official arm of the US government is tweeting doge memes
So tears. Such weep. No wow.
# monumental request
This group want to build a large Satan statue in a US city
It’s one hell of a plan. Ahem.
# hold us
9 of the most emotional images from the US Government shutdown
We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo… No. Wait. No we’re not.
Snowden not on Bolivian jet in Vienna: Austria‎
Austrian and Bolivian officials are insisting the US leaker was not on President Evo Morales’s jet when it landed overnight.
# Leaks
Snowden applies for asylum in Ireland… and 18 other nations
The whistleblower is accusing the US Government of pressuring leaders of countries from which he has sought protection.
# America
Google asks US for permission to reveal scale of data transfers
Google says it’s barred from revealing how many national security requests it follows, and wants to let people know.
# Phone Tapping
Google, Facebook, Skype, YouTube also tapped by US government
The Director of National Intelligence has denounced the leaks of highly classified documents that revealed the programs.
# Osama bin Laden
US can keep dead Osama bin Laden photos under wraps
A court ruled that pictures of a dead Bin Laden could reveal classified intelligence methods.
# Snoops
A massive and unprecedented intrusion: AP slams US government's snooping
The US Justice Department obtained two months of telephone records of reporters and editors working for the Associated Press, the news agency has confirmed.
# or do they?
Mermaids don't exist: official line from US government
…Or rather they say that there is “no evidence” that they exist. Which might mean that they just haven’t yet found the evidence…
Pizza is not a vegetable says Congressman
The SLICE Act aims to counter US Congress’ ruling that pizza is a vegetable.
# young activists
Teenagers sue US government over global warming
Young plaintiffs argue that climate change decisions will affect their generation.
# Anthrax Attacks
US to pay anthrax attack victim's family $2.5m
Five people died and 17 others fell ill as a result of the anthrax letter campaign in 2001.
# Spying
Former NASA scientist admits trying to spy for Israel
Stewart David Nozette was caught in an undercover operation that started with him failing to report all of his income in his tax return.
Obama walks out of budget talks with Republicans
The US president told Republicans ‘enough is enough’ over the debt ceiling, while the rating agency Moody’s has threatened to review the USA’s AAA rating.
Obama to prepare plan for US's long-term deficit reduction
After averting a shutdown with a short-term agreement, the White House is now focussing on brokering a bigger budget deal.
The 9 at 9: Saturday
Nine things you need to know by 9am: A third arrest in the murder of a PSNI officer; two bodies recovered off the coast of Dublin, the US government avoids shutting down; and a hero politician.
US government avoids shut down after last minute deal on budget spending
The ‘historic’ agreement came just an hour before government funding was due to run out forcing thousands of government workers to take leave.
# Libya
US to impose 'unilateral and multilateral' sanctions against Libya as unrest continues
Earlier, embattled Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi appeared defiant on state television.