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Here's why everybody is talking about drinking custard


Custard Gone Wrong ! scary_mary scary_mary

ARE YOU AN internet user?

Have you been perplexed in recent days by continued and elaborate references to people drinking custard; specifically repeated custard drinking?

References like this:

And this:

And this:

Well here’s the reason:


This Woman’s Way headline about Vanessa Feltz’s alleged weight gain, and particularly her friend’s alleged fears that it might be down to a relapse in custard drinking has captured the hearts and minds of many.

There have been meme crossovers

People wondering where the real horror lies

Is it the fact that she’s been drinking the custard, the fact that it’s custard she’s drinking, or the fact that it’s a relapse?

Solidarity with V Feltz

Vanessa herself has been forced to address this custard treachery. When Buzzfeed put the allegations to her she responded that they “must have taken a joke I cracked too seriously”.

Feltz also appeared on BBC Radio One this morning with Scott Mills and Chris Stark, where tasty little glasses of custard were on the menu, again.

Feltz told Mills that while she has eaten custard in the past, “often with crumble, occasionally with pie”, she is not a “sole custard eater” and didn’t even know you could drink it.

She also noted that she hasn’t even put on two pounds, let alone two stone.

*Raises a glass of custard in salute to Feltzy*

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