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The Dredge: Why the Spice Girls had the worst weekend EVER

Seriously, EVER. The very best of the day’s celebrity dirt…

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Source: Matt Crossick/Empics Entertainment/Instagram

#SAD SPICE: The Spice Girls had the worst weekend of all time. First, Victoria Beckham’s bike got robbed in New York.

She posted this photo with the caption “So I won’t be riding home tonight then!”

Source: Instagram

Worse, she had only herself to blame, because EVERYONE knows to lock the frame not the wheels. Come ON, like.

She quickly got the NYPD on the case, and they swiftly dispatched a unit to deal with this heinous crime.

Source: Twitter

But the bike was gone. Gone. And that’s not even the last of it – while Victoria was searching for her stolen wheels, Mel B and Geri were having the worst dinner of all time.

Source: Instagram

It’s literally just a little bit of meat on a plate. No veg, no sauce, no nothing. Could they not even have afforded a few chips?

Sorry, Spice Girls. Hope the week gets better from here.

#MILEY: More bad news for Miley Cyrus. First, apparently she was going to be on the cover of US Vogue in December. The photoshoot was done and everything. Then editor Anna Wintour saw the VMAs twerkathon, and decided she didn’t like Miley after all.

A ‘source’ told the Mail Online:

Anna found the whole thing distasteful.

Plus, even the paparazzi are taking the mickey. This one told Miley he could ‘twerk better than her’. She didn’t react well.


#BIG DAY: Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are going to spend €1.4million on their wedding. And Ireland’s own Niall Horan is going to be the best man.

That’s according to not-all-that-reliable reports yesterday, which suggest that Perrie “has her heart set” on a Vivienne Westwood rig-out costing €140,000 or so. And they want to have it in a castle with Gordon Ramsay cooking.

Oh, and they’ll be inviting “150 celebrities and 400 other guests”. Good to have the ratios all worked out, eh?

A source said:

They will probably end up making all the cash back anyway if they do a deal to sell the pictures.

Ah, love’s young dream. (Daily Star)

Source: Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

All the rest of the day’s dirt…

  • Adam Clayton and his new wife are moving to London. (Irish Mirror)
  • Zach Galifiniakis is having a baby by surprise. (People)
  • Patrick Stewart got married in the most adorable way possible. (ONTD)
  • Tom Daley is straight. Sorry, fellas. (ONTD)
  • Britney Spears tweeted a bikini photo; is looking well. (Twitter)

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