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DFMagazine via YouTube 'Information must be sent swiftly to and fro.'
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VIDEO: How the Defence Forces used the latest technology... Morse code
This archive footage shows the Irish Army in action – and battling with their code booklets.

IN TODAY’S FAST-moving world, a modern military must be able to communicate swiftly and efficiently.

At least, that was the case for the Defence Forces when this video was made showcasing the Army signalling corps.

Trained to operate “a wide range of technical equipment,” the signalmen have even built their own ham-radio transmission station, according to the announcer with the cut-glass accent:

Here they spend a significant number of their off-duty hours happily bashing a key [...] making friends with other hams in countries all over the world.

Is that what an army is supposed to do? Anyway, here’s the video:


The Defence Forces haven’t dated the footage – leave a comment on their YouTube channel if you can help out!

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