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VIDEO: Your weekend movies... Ryan Gosling and Scary Movie 5

Cinema trip this weekend? TheJournal.ie brings you snippets from new releases to help you decide where to put your money…

WHICH NEW MOVIE release is worth the price of a cinema ticket this weekend? We’re here to help you decide just that, with these trailers.

The Place Beyond the Pines


For fans of: Dark characters, family drama

Avoid if: You’d like to see more Gosling, you prefer a short movie

Yes, we know that Ryan Gosling AND Bradley Cooper AND Eva Mendes star in this film, so it should be a whole world of hotness, but take it from us – this is one dark film. Looking at the impact of fathers’ actions on their sons’ lives, the movie shows us how low some people will go, and the ripple effect this has. The cinematography is just beautiful, and the soundtrack features Arvo Part and Mike Patton, so there is much to enjoy.

Scary Movie 5


For fans of: Winning

Avoid if: You have any sense at all

Ah, here. Charlie Sheen AND Lindsay Lohan in the same movie, which is itself part of the terrible Scary Movie franchise? About as fun as food poisoning.

  • RottenTomatoes.com critics rating: no reviews yet. Audience rating 86 per cent want to see

Flying Blind

(Helen McRory/YouTube)

For fans of: Suspense, intrigue

Avoid if: You’re not a fan of suspicious minds

Helen McRory plays an aerospace engineer who gets involved with a younger male student, Kahil. As she nears the deadline for her government contract for an aircraft that will be used by the military, both she and her workmates begin to doubt her new lover. Set in a post-9/11 world, this examines what happens when work, love, and suspicion collide.

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