Dublin: 7 °C Saturday 13 April, 2024

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Met Éireann's Evelyn Cusack on why Ireland is having an unusually warm November
Temperatures reached 25 degrees in three counties today
It's set to be a warm weekend with temperatures reaching 25 degrees in some areas
Good news! The summer sunshine is on its way as temperatures to climb into the 20s next week
It's going to be a warm, warm weekend with top temperatures of 20 degrees
It's the first day of September ... but dry and warm conditions are here to stay this weekend
It'll still be very hot this week as drought warning to remain until Friday
What is an African air plume - and how high will temperatures get this week?
As the rain clears, temperatures are set to hit the high teens
There's some actual warm weather on the way next week (but it's going to lash rain first)
It is, no messing, going to be properly warm today
Wet this morning and cold tonight... but there's set to be some mild weather this weekend
More sun on the way, with highs of 29 degrees expected tomorrow
Sunshine and highs of 25 degrees this weekend
Sunshine on the way for the weekend with highs of 24 degrees
Humid weekend ahead with showers and highs of 18 degrees
Grey skies this morning but the weekend is expected to be sunny and warm
Good news: There'll still be some rain today but we're set for a warm, sunny week
Last year was the warmest year ever recorded
Wrapping up warm? No need, it's going to stay mild this weekend
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5 ways to keep your house warmer this winter (and what they'll cost)
'Dry, warm with temperatures in the mid 20s': Today's weather forecast is pretty perfect
No-one knows quite what to make of our strangely warm November weather
Stop the lights - are we in for an Indian summer?
It looks like today will be one of the hottest days of the year
We had a good run: Clouds are coming, but there will still be a fair amount of dry weather
That Leaving Cert weather looks to be on the way
It's gonna be just like summer out there today...kinda
Brrr. Wrap up warm - it's another cold and icy start to the day
Perhaps leave the scarf at home? Temperatures could reach 10°C today
2014 was the hottest year in modern history
Could this 'Homeless Wrap' be saving lives on the streets?
This Halloween is the warmest one in Ireland for almost 20 years ...
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People are already struggling to cope with the heat, REALLY
'Tis fierce mild out today
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Indian summer alert: It's set to hit 23 degrees this week