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Is washing your hair in Coke a good idea? This blogger thinks so

Taking beauty hacks to the next level.

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IT’S BEEN A beauty rumour around the internet for quite some time now: washing your hair with coke supposedly gives you that textured, tousled look you might be after.

It was popularised earlier this year by supermodel/actress Suki Waterhouse – and people still swear by the positive impact your standard can/bottle of coke can have on those locks.

rumourcoke2 Source: DailyMail

The question has been posed before – and the top answer wasn’t too impressed with the idea:

It’s not bad for your hair, but it won’t do anything GOOD for your hair either. You can wash with soda water/tonic water which is basically just carbonated water.

But despite such apathy, American beauty YouTuber Ellko simply had to test the theory out for herself.

“If you have short hair, one can will suffice. If you have long hair like I do you’ll need two cans.”

cokehair Source: YouTube

She took two bottles for herself just to make sure that all the hair could be soaked in that delicious, sugary treat.

Then she began the pouring

cokehair1 Source: YouTube

Once her hair is fully soaked in Coke, that’s part one of the challenge down

cokehair2 Source: YouTube

You then jump in the shower and rinse it out with water and then dry it with a hairdryer.

Halfway through drying, and she says: “It’s looking pretty good. I definitely have more texture than usual.”

haircoke Source: YouTube

“It feels not crunchy, but dry. There is some texture – obviously my hair has some waves in it that it didn’t have before and it’s fine by me.”

finalcoke Source: YouTube

Her final analysis?

I like the textured, wild, bedhead look so I think it’s pretty cool.

So, two thumbs up from her. Perhaps there is some merit to this rather bizarre beauty claim after all. Whatever works for her:

Source: Ellko/YouTube

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