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Karl Grabe / YouTube The centre of Cork city, 1962
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WATCH: Incredible videos of Irish life in 1962
Wonder what it was like flying Aer Lingus in 1962? Or taking a donkey and cart to Mass? Check out these video clips from Cork…

REMEMBER WHEN TAKING a flight just meant wandering out of the terminal building to the plane?

No? Well, neither do we. But that’s what the Aer Lingus experience was in the 1960s, according to footage from the 1960s – which also shows a drive through Cork city, a family riding their donkey and cart to Mass, and the interior of an (amazing) jeweller’s shop.

The clips were taken by the father of reader Karl Grabe, who has now digitised the clips and uploaded them to YouTube. Enjoy!

Checking in and taking off with Aer Lingus:

Driving through the centre of Cork:

A family riding their donkey and cart to Mass:

The scenes in Wolfgang Grabe’s jewellery shop: