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WATCH: Possibly the most Oirish TV ad from 1979 you’ll see today

Oirish Spring has the benefit of two deodourants, to get you all fresh and clean, so it does, begorrah…

WRESTLING. POCKET KNIVES. Showering outdoors.

All part of Irish life in 1979, apparently, according to this advert we stumbled across this morning. This is an ad for Irish Spring body wash, a toiletry line manufactured by Colgate and sold in the US (and not in Ireland, obviously).

It’s all a bit Nicole Kidman in ‘Far and Away’, isn’t it?

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That wasn’t the only one – via , there’s this one from 1980 (we don’t know what accent that is either):

…and the Oirishness didn’t end there. As recently as last year, Colgate-Palmolive put out these two ads – both somewhat cringey too, but not nearly as mind-aching as their predecessors.

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