People from snowy countries can't get over Ireland's response to 'snowmageddon'

Well sorry for not living in igloos.

IT’S SAFE TO say we like to be prepared.

It’s also safe to say we have completely lost the run of ourselves over the last two days in preparation for Storm Emma colliding with the Beast from the East.

What with bread hysteria and complete cancellation of work, school, and transport, it’s easy to see that we don’t have to deal with snow very often.

But people abroad don’t really get the fact that we’re not used to this and don’t have the infrastructure to deal with it

Why would we? How often does this happen?

But people in snowy countries don’t understand that

Therefore, we’re getting dragged on all forms of social media


Is it really our fault that we don’t invest in snow tyres for one day every eight years?


Our lack of an ability to deal one snow is just one of the many differences we have with Siberia

You’re all just kinda jealous of our snow days, let’s be real

You can keep yer snow

And if you ever had Brennan’s or Irish bread, you’d panic buy it too

But who really cares? We’re loving it for the most part

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