RTÉ's documentary We Won The Lotto has everyone wondering what they'd do if they won

All the bizarre things people have bought with their winnings.

‘WE WON THE Lotto’ – RTÉ’s documentary on former Lotto winners and how it has changed their lives – is the talk of Twitter today.

Source: RTÉ

Only 5% of Lotto winners go public with their wins, and it’s up to Lotto HQ to convince them to.

Claims Manager Gerry O’Donoghue was also quick to put to bed any rumours that going public gets you more money – it doesn’t.

You do not get anything extra from the National Lottery for going public.”

We also got a look into the winner’s suite, in which you get champagne, luxury car magazines … And a Craig Doyle video.

Source: RTÉ

People were also getting 2001: A Space Odyssey vibes off the room.

And nobody could cope with the fact that the National Lottery actually has to weigh their balls twice a day.

Source: RTÉ

Some winners did some unusual things with their money.

Vincent Keaney bought the dole office in Cobh, Co. Cork and turned it into a Titanic-themed bar and restaurant … The irony wasn’t lost on people.

While Billy Comer from Glenamaddy got something money can’t buy – tonnes of pen pals.

Source: RTÉ

Very few would’ve kept them – they would’ve thrown them in the fire, wouldn’t they?”

Billy also bought three pubs with his winnings. However, he can no longer afford to do up the third pub.

So, Twitter reckon Francis Brennan should step in and do it up.

Now, people are wondering if the Lotto is worth it at all.

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What would you buy first if you won?

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