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9 truly bonkers things that could only happen at the Web Summit

From coloured sheep to “wearable tech for dogs”.

UNLESS YOU’RE BUSY hibernating, you have likely heard that the Web Summit kicked off in Dublin’s RDS today. This year, the three-day event encompasses everything from tech and food to sport and music.

Of course, the vast majority of us are not attending Web Summit and the only way we can get a flavour of the event is by following it on Twitter.

And let’s just say that reading through some of the tweets can make you feel like you’re living on a different planet.

1. There are coloured sheep

The coloured sheep grazing on the green at the RDS have been one of the most-talked about features of the Web Summit on Twitter.

Because nothing says “Welcome!” like pink sheep.

2. This is an acceptable morning greeting

Happy networking day!

3. You hear the word “ecosystem” approx. 2,346,721 times

Ecosystem is the new disruption.


4. These are the sort of pub chats being had

You make WHAT?

5. Phrases that are nonsensical in any other context suddenly make sense

Turbocharging the funnel?

Is that…safe?

6. “Wearable tech for dogs” is a real-life thing

Are we in the future?

tumblr_miaq1nhrVs1qjbsm8o1_500 Source: rebloggy


7. This is the sort of question that people are forced to contemplate

8. Where else would tote bags like this be given out?


Interesting marketing ploy there, lads.

9. And then there’s this…

Darina Allen. 3D printing. Colcannon.

We need to lie down.

Eva Longoria has basically done every single tourist activity in Dublin today >

Spotify has resorted to making needy playlists about Taylor Swift >

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