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# crisis over
Murray's wedding ring was 'misplaced' after it turns up in hotel lost and found
The former world number one says a member of the hotel staff located his wedding ring.
# Unlucky
Andy Murray 'in the bad books at home' after wedding ring stolen along with tennis shoes
The British star explained he left his tennis shoes outside and were nowhere to be seen when he returned in the morning.
# I carrot believe it
Wedding ring that went missing in 2004 turns up wrapped around carrot
Canadian woman Mary Grams told the Canadian Broadcasting Commission that she had lost her ring in the family farm in Central Alberta while picking weeds.
# Hogan Stand
Man to be reunited with wedding ring he lost at All-Ireland final
Kevin and Eithne have been married for 44 years.
# Heartbreak
Wicklow widow appeals to public after losing her late husband's wedding ring in Dublin
“It’s something that I’ve carried with me ever since, I’ve never taken it off since the moment I put it on.”
# put it back on
The internet adores this woman's inscription on her husband’s wedding ring
A slightly controversial move.
# diamonds on a ring of gold
A guy clapped so hard at U2 in Dublin last night he lost his wedding ring
And a woman wore her wedding dress.
# the clap
A guy clapped so hard at U2 in Dublin last night he lost his wedding ring
And a woman wore her wedding dress.
# Reunited
Happy ending for woman who wore wrong wedding ring for years
“There could have been a book on it eventually, but we’ve solved the mystery now.”
# Awkward
Woman may have been wearing the wrong wedding ring for over a decade
Marianne Crowley discovered last night that her original ring must have been swapped with another.
# look familiar?
A white-gold wedding ring was dropped into a charity bag by accident
A detailed description of the garment where the ring was stored will be needed to prove ownership.
# in the dog house
Dublin pub finds man's wedding ring, offers wife 'stick to beat him' and free brunch
Pretty good deal, if you ask us.
# puked his ring
Dog pukes up missing wedding ring five years after it was lost
Til dog do us part.
# Uh oh
Husband sells $23,000 wedding ring for a tenner
Until death do us part. Or you selling my wedding ring for ten dollars do us part.
# return of the ring
Woman picks through truckload of rubbish to find wedding ring
Workers helped the Massachusetts woman dig through a mountain of smelly household waste – and she got the ring back.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Bank Holiday Monday
In tonight’s Fix: Protesters take over Nama building, fire at a Dublin church, and should we be flying the Union Jack?
# Reunited
After 16 years, woman's lost wedding ring shows up... in her carrot
A Swedish woman thought her wedding ring had been thrown out in 1995 – but found it growing around a vegetable in her garden.
# On again?
Cheryl and Ashley: Could it be back on?
Ashley Cole has been photographed wearing his diamond encrusted wedding ring, leading newspapers to ask: Could she? Would she?