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What Does Your Facebook Profiler Say About You?

You didn’t think it said anything? You were wrong.

THE FACEBOOK PHOTO is the crowning glory of any profile – you want to display yourself at peak attractiveness, all while making your life look as fun as possible. It’s tough. We all know that.

But far from just making you look aesthetically pleasing, your profile picture speaks volumes of your personality. Here’s what the 12 main types of profilers say about the person in them.

1. The selfie

It's been a while since I've taken a selfie Source: kimkardashian

“Facebook is about friends? Pah! Facebook is about ME.”

2. The professionally-taken headshot

513995377_2523bd61fd_z Source: Flickr

“I’m an actor/singer/model. Someone hire me.”

3. The ‘arty’ shot

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Source: Flickr/goldsardine

You had some fun with the negative effect on a photo editor! Look at you! (You look scary.)

4. The ‘loads of pals’ picture

shutterstock_155450015 Source: Shutterstock


5. The holiday snap

You walked in, I smiled. by Cleo Wade Source: katyperry

Riding an elephant in Thailand, road-tripping across the US, or simply lounging with a cocktail by a pool – the holiday profiler screams SMUUUUUUUG.

6. The ‘LOOK AT MY KIDS’ photo

shutterstock_228523465 Source: Shutterstock

You appear to have forgotten you are actually your own person, and not your kids. There there, it’s OK.

7. The picture of you in your Halloween costume

Cause, darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a PEGACORN. #HappyHalloween! Source: taylorswift

Oh, you’re some gas ticket, aren’t you?

(If it’s of you in last year’s costume: MOVE ON.)

8. The picture of you doing something MENTAL

Planking_the_Devil Source: Wikimedia

Planking, climbing on something you shouldn’t, getting rowdy in a fast food establishment.

You act out because you want attention. It’s OK. We understand.

9. The couple photo

Instagram Source: beyonce

“We’ve been together for a while now, so it’s a two-for-one deal. Sorry, other friends.”

10. The #TBT

A Disney geek and twins. #TBT (This is John Stamos and little Mary-Kate and Ashley, BTW) Source: johnstamos

Just admit it straight out. You don’t want to grow up.

11. The picture of you with an alcoholic beverage

shutterstock_227020738 Source: Shutterstock

“Drinking is cool, right? Drinking something in my profiler shows I’m a fun, chill kinda guy that knows how to party, right? RIGHT?”

12. The car/movie character/cartoon

Fast_and_Furious_6_Premier_6_(8750940484) Source: Wikimedia

Is this car yours? Does it really, really represent you, and your life, and your hopes and dreams? Really?!

You’re a lost cause.

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