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Someone cut the widget out of a can of Guinness because they thought it was a random ball

Oh Lord.

tQ1sMyl Source: Reddit


A Reddit Ireland user named Mr_honesty_ posted the above photo to the forum and asked if something was perhaps wrong with his can of Guinness as he just found a ball inside.

Hello, yesterday night I had my first Guinness! But this ball was inside it, I cut it out. Can someone explain this?

He further elaborated.

Find it really strange, is this normal? It’s my first Guinness ever

Most users politely informed him that it was widget, used to manage the head when pouring the pint.

Although there was the inevitable smartarse reply…

reddit Source: Reddit Ireland

As it happens, he is not the first to get confused by a widget…

And he won’t be the last.

Guinness held a Twitter Q&A, but neglected to answer this very important question >

You will soon be able to buy ‘Guinness sauce’ >

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