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The name name 'Hamad' as it appears on the satellite view on Google Maps.
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Writ large: Sheikh carves name in sand so it can be seen from space
The ruler of Abu Dhabi has his moniker ‘Hamad’ written on the surface of his private island…

IT’S PROBABLY THE biggest nametag in the world: a wealthy sheikh has written his name on the surface of his own private island – and it can be seen from space.

The Sun reveals today in the news that Abu Dhabi ruler Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan had his staff carve ‘Hamad’ into the sand on the island of Al Futaisi, across the water from the city. The letters are one kilometre high and the name measures over three kilometres across, according to the paper.

The first two letters have been flooded with water from the sheikh can presumably motor up them in one of his yachts for the ultimate egocentric experience.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the name on Google Maps for yourself….

[caption id="attachment_181904" align="alignnone" width="386" caption="Futaisi Island is visible across the pond from Abu Dhabi."][/caption]

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