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# world of celebs
Michael Fassbender made people CRY with his made up X-Men lines... It's The Dredge
HOT. WET. TEARS! Here’s all your celebrity dirt.
# magneto squared
Michael Fassbender can do a mean impression of Sir Ian McKellen
Spit on us, Michael.
# les miserables
Hugh Jackman performing Wolverine The Musical is as great as you'd imagine
Who am I? I’m Wolvereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.
# classical cartoons
Can you name all the iconic cartoon tunes in this classical mashup?
Some are so obvious but others will have you scratching your head.
# fassbender
Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence look cosy in new X-Men trailer
Fassbender reprises his role as young Magneto in Days of Future Past.
# sirs
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan talk about their amazing friendship
It’s guy love, the love between two guys.
# minister mckellen
Patrick Stewart uses ball-pit to announce his marriage
Ian McKellen officiated the ceremony.
# good man michael
8 reasons we're glad Michael Fassbender is Irish
Good man yourself Michael. Good man yourself.
# Prequels
Where it all began... 9 good, bad and prequels to come
The Sex and the City prequel has started filming – we look at the movie mechanism that studios love to exploit.
# Marvel Comics
Judge rules that Spider-man and co. belong to Marvel Comics
The heirs of artist Jack Kirby had attempted to terminate Marvel’s copyrights over several characters, including Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk.