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Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan talk about their amazing friendship

It’s guy love, the love between two guys.


WE CAN’T GET enough of this pair. They act alongside one another, they refer to each other as Sir Patrick and Sir Ian, they even play tourist together, and McKellen officiated his buddy’s wedding.

Now they’ve only gone and done an interview with CBS News in the states, with reporter Lesley Stahl proving that the two actors possess the bromance to beat all others.

A bit of teasing is the essential ingredient, with McKellen slagging Stewart over his Yorkshire roots.

I don’t usually take to Yorkshire people. They can be very dour, and they can be very sour.


McKellan also opened up about the emotions he went through at the thought of saying goodbye to Stewart when the 2009 London production of ‘Waitin for Godot’ that they worked on together came to a close.

I recall vividly, in fact, it’s on film. I had no idea what was going to come. The curtain came down on our last performance, and he went into the wings and sat on some stone steps and sobbed, heartbroken that it was over.

McKellen responded:

Yes, I was heartbroken, and then we were going to say goodbye to each other. You were going off to do other things and I just felt I would never be as happy again.

Ah here, can’t deal.

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