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Last year
Dog behaviourist: Tips for keeping your pooch safe and well this Christmas
Suzi Walsh has some tips for dog owners who want things to run smoothly over the holidays.
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Gardaí reveal new Revolut scam as they urge people to protect themselves this Christmas
Here are the tips from the gardaí.
All time
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Christmas FM is back on the airwaves from this weekend
Ho ho ho.
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Poll: Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?
It’s not that far away now, to be fair.
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New details of Thatcher and Haughey meeting show how British PM was against German reunification
The Birmingham Six and IRA semtex consignments were also spoken about.
# dinner time
Poll: What part of the Christmas dinner is the best?
We don’t want to start any rows – but we thought we’d ask.
# baubles for choice
These homemade Repeal The 8th Christmas baubles are going on sale in Dublin next month
Made by an Irish mammy for choice, no less.
# Simply having
Love Actually, the Back to the Future trilogy and Miracle on 34th Street are all on Netflix this Christmas
Here’s the full list.
# you ruin everything
15 people who literally ruined Christmas
Thanks a lot, guys.
# christmas past
WATCH: Santa visits the children of Dublin in 1948
Best day ever.
# Winter wonderland
WATCH: Relive a 1940s Irish Christmas with these magical archive videos
Snowball fights, the Christmas Day swim, and grown men acting like little children – more than 70 years ago.
# greater manchester police
Boy writes heart-wrenching note asking Santa to help catch the man who shot him
Christian Hickey and his mother Jayne were shot on the doorstep of their home in Manchester.
# xmas is balls
Strabane is really getting into the Christmas spirit (NSFW)
Fa la la la laaa, la la la la.
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Looking for a job this Christmas? These places are hiring
Need some extra cash this Christmas? A few places are hiring.
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Pictures: Want to see what the Brown Thomas Christmas shop looks like?
There are 126 days until Christmas, just saying.
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We’ll Leave It There So: Xmas comes early for McGregor, Ireland release two players and today’s sport
Meanwhile, a League of Ireland club want Friday’s kick-off changed as it clashes with Man United game
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Open Thread: What was the best Christmas present you ever got?
Your first bike, GI Joe and Sindy’s Dreamhouse… what was yours?
# drunken monkeys
How did humans evolve to enjoy drinking alcohol?
We’ve had a taste for the stuff since before people were people — according to one scientist.
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Homeless pregnant woman and six children to be hosted at chef's home for Christmas
Generous unemployed chef had made the offer on last week to cook Christmas dinner for a homeless family.
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Celtic star offers to buy Xmas gifts for 5-year-old whose house was burgled
Thieves stole thousands of pounds as well as a Ford car from the home of Hearts fan Michael Wright.
# Your Say
Poll: How will your Christmas spend compare to last year?
Shoppers are predicted to spend a little bit more this Christmas.
# Your Say
Poll: Have you put up your Christmas tree?
Or are you waiting until the 8th?
Opinion: Christmas – the season of sugar-laced tantrums, queues, and unreasonable demands
One disastrous shopping attempt and an aborted visit to see the Christmas tree lights are all you need to find what’s really important in the run-up to Christmas…
# festive bai
This is someone's HOUSE in Co Cork
God bless us, everyone.
# Xmas
Irish people reveal what they know about the true meaning of Christmas...
…and it’s surprisingly little.
Opinion: How to plan for a stress-free Christmas
A little forethought can take a lot of the stress out of the season for one and all.
# you'll need...
Here's how to make some decent (not tacky) Christmas decorations
Get into Blue Peter mode to kit out your home and save some cash this Christmas.
# pub pals
7 types you'll definitely meet in your local pub on Christmas Eve
Is the local on Christmas Eve a tradition? So is bumping into this lot.
# Panic
The 13 emotions of a Christmas Eve shopping panic
It’s Christmas tomorrow and you have NOTHING.
# christmouse
This mouse decorating a tiny tree is more prepared for Christmas than you are
Oh nothing, just a mouse decorating a Christmas tree.
# quickymas
All of your favourite Christmas movies, squeezed into two minutes
For your daily dose of festive cheer, on the run.
# John Lewis
This year's John Lewis Christmas ad may make you cry
It’s got Lily Allen and a very cute cartoon.
# tis the season
Well, the advent calendars are in the shops ALREADY
There is no escape.
# Bah Humbug
Ohio woman sentenced to five Christmases in jail
The former license agency employee pleaded guilty to accepting payments to falsify records for immigrants.
# ho ho ho
Have a cringey Christmas! 10 seasonal greetings from the world of sport
Plus, Mario Balotelli gets amgry while decorating a cake.
# Christmas
Meet the people who want no one to eat Christmas dinner alone
Christmas with Friends is a group set up for people who are alone on Christmas day in Kildare. It is one of a number of organisations making sure the day is not a lonely one for people.
# tree-mendous
7 of the strangest Christmas trees you'll see this year
A Christmas tree made entirely out of potatoes? YES PLEASE.
# santa anthem
LISTEN: Amazing hip-hop Christmas anthem by Irish kids
“I’m a better rapper than Santy.”
# Pass the tissues
UPDATE: Back in Ireland for first Christmas in 30 years…. what’s it like?
Mayo man is coming home today for his first Irish Christmas in 30 years… or is he?
# Christmas Lights
Christmas lights switched on in Cork and Limerick
Joanne O’Riordan (pictured with Santa) was there to do the honours in Cork, while Dustin the Turkey showed up to switch on the lights in Limerick last night.