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7 types you'll definitely meet in your local pub on Christmas Eve

Is the local on Christmas Eve a tradition? So is bumping into this lot.

SO YOU’VE GONE home to your old village to spend Christmas with the parents. But it’s not just them you’re going to be seeing, is it? Christmas Eve down the local pub you used to frequent as a youngster is a mixed bag. You see those from the past you really wanted to catch up with, and those who you’d forgotten all about.

Here are the 7 people you’ll definitely bump into.

1. The old colleague

You worked with this person every weekend during your college years, but haven’t spoken to them since last year, on Christmas Eve, because you always see them on Christmas Eve. No matter what you’ve been through, conversation will always come back to the other people you mutually worked with.

Christmas Crawl 06-12-15 008 Source: Dotden

2. An acquaintance’s drunk parents

Why are they always there? They’re ALWAYS there. They’ll ask you about your life while silently comparing you to your friend. Our loudly, whatever.

pub2 Source: los_bandito_anthony

3. The village ‘auld lad’

May be multiple if in a particularly rural area. They will chat to you when you approach the bar to order and tell you about their wife slaving away at home preparing the ham for tomorrow.

Pub Life Source: tinou bao

4. School crowd in Christmas jumpers

Probably on a 12 pubs of Christmas stop off, you’ll notice them by their antler hair-bands and lighty-up jumpers. That was once you, and you’ll feel a strange sense of authority and ownership on the pub, village, and surrounding area. Kids these days.

TBOX2008-12-Bars-Of-Xmas-Pub-Crawl-Festa-Parties-2190 Source: Festaparties

5. An old flame

Probably has kids now, looks well, at least they do when you quickly glance over at them to avoid catching their eye.


6. Old classmates

Oh, look who’s back too. After exchanging niceties you’ll spend the rest of the evening avoiding each other on trips to the loo.

Fellow Santa Pub Crawlers Source: bhenak

7. The barman that is growing old there

It’s the same barman you used to convince to give you drinks before you turned of age. He doesn’t look like he’s aged a bit and everyone knows his name, he probably even knows yours. They have a mysterious mind for faces, them barmen.

00018446 Source: Photocall Ireland!

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