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7 cool YouTube Easter eggs you didn't know about
Great, more distraction.

IT’S GEEK WEEK on YouTube, and Google has embedded some presents for you.

Using a hidden easter egg, you can now play the classic Atari arcade shooter game Missile Command over any YouTube video. But that’s not all, here are a few other time wasters to try.

1. Chose your video and type ’1980′ being careful you’re not using any text fields. If you fail to defend the video it’ll stop playing. So much at risk.

2. Entering ‘/ GeekWeek’ into a search brings up the results in fake programming and ASCII layout.

3. Open this video and hit the ‘pow’ button in the options bottom toolbar. It’s now a comic.

4. Typing ‘Fibonacci’ into the toolbar loads the results in the mathematician’s golden ration.

5. Type 1337 over any video and it changes the comment language to l337 5p33k. N07 r3c0mm3nd3d.

6. Searching for ‘ponies’ throws up a few cute ponies running across the screen. N’daww.

7. You can also search for ‘Use the force, Luke’ or ‘Beam me up Scotty’ to produce some pretty trippy effects on the results.

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