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Is Zayn coming back to One Direction? Let's examine the evidence

1D fans certainly think so.

OVER THE WEEKEND, you may have seen that the hashtag #zayniscomingback was trending on Twitter.

Yes, the fandom lost its collective mind as rumours swirled that Zayn Malik would return to One Direction, just three months after his departure.

The rumours came about after 1D fans compiled a mountain of evidence — cryptic tweets and the like — that seemed to imply something could be in the works.

So, is Zayn coming back?

Let’s examine the evidence.

This tweet from Simon Cowell

Last week, Simon Cowell tweeted that he had “lots to tell” his followers over the coming days. He hasn’t tweeted anything of note since then and many One Direction fans are taking this as definitive proof that an announcement re: Zayn is imminent.


Zayn’s profile is back up on the official One Direction website



A tweet supposedly sent and deleted by Naughty Boy

Some fans have stated that producer/Malik ally Naughty Boy sent a tweet that read, “After how far I’ve got you, you decide to leave”. There doesn’t appear to be any screenshots of the tweet and fans say that Naughty Boy deleted it afterwards.

Hmm, very convenient.

Now people are trying their best to infer something from this tweet…

Google apparently updated the members to include Zayn Malik once again


While it’s unclear whether Google ever actually removed Zayn Malik from its search, many fans are asserting that Google unofficially reinstated Zayn as a member over the weekend.


Perrie Edwards, Zayn’s fiancée, apparently posted on Google+ that Zayn has an announcement

Buuuuut, it’s probably not a legit account.

And finally, fans say that One Direction deleted the statement announcing Zayn’s departure from Facebook

When you visit the One Direction Facebook, the statement does not appear on the timeline. However, other fans have managed to unearth the statement simply by Googling “One Direction Zayn statement”.


Wishful thinking or actually happening?

We’re inclined to go with the former for the moment.

As for Zayn? He has not addressed the rumours and appears to be just dying his hair and listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.

AKA livin’ the good life.

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