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13 couples that should be banned from the internet immediately

The cringe index is on red alert.

LISTEN, WE’RE HAPPY you found each other and all but… no, just stop.

1. This pair that abused photoshop and our eyes

Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos

2. This duo that need to learn how to text

Source: Crushable

3. You’re both pregnant?

Source: Babyping

4. Puppy and Christy Kitten Puppy Cat

Source: idiotsonfb

5. The lovey couple that coordinated their Facebook profiles

Source: Student Beans

6. The two that thought this engagement photo was worth sharing online

Source: Bad Engagement Photos


Source: Imgace

8. The couple that Instagram their work-out together

Source: Imgur

9. The respectful sweethearts that got these interesting tattoos

10. The newlyweds that have a problem with you

Source: Glamour

11. This couple and their lovely bunnies

Source: Awakward Family Photos

12. This lot who ignore the PM function

13. Or these guys, who should probably seek help of some sort

Source: Lamebook

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