People on Twitter are telling Chrissy Teigen about all of the weird things their kids lick

Chrissy was surprised to hear how gross kids are. Her daughter is not yet at the licking stage.

YESTERDAY, CHRISSY TEIGEN came across a photo of a ‘lick bucket’ that had been doing the rounds on Twitter.

A ‘lick bucket’ is a bucket that appears to be necessary at Oregon City Library, because children can’t keep their tongues in their mouths.

Parents of children with low impulse control are advised to put any books that have been licked into the ‘lick bucket’ where they can hand it to the librarian without shame on the way out. They even wrote:

(Seriously, don’t worry about it. This is normal kid behaviour. It happens all the time and we have plenty of wipes on hand.)

Chrissy Teigen, a celebrity who lives in a mansion, was not aware that regular people’s children lick things in public. However, now she’s bracing herself for the day when her daughter Luna begins to do it.

People began to share their stories about witnessing children who couldn’t care less about germs.

Source: Carrie

Source: Chloe

Source: Katie

Source: OC Chef Girl

Source: The Gringa Who Stole Christmas

Solidarity with children’s librarians.

And people want to get rid of human employees at libraries?

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