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7 things you did with your friends as a teenager (but probably don't any more)

Unless your friendship is very special, that is.

REMEMBER HOW CLOSE you were to your teenage friends?

You told them the smallest detail of everything that happened to you, did EVERYTHING together and were practically joined at the hip during school.

As adults, we don’t really have friendships like that any more – although maybe that’s because we can braid our own hair now and don’t need your mate’s older brother to sneak into the offo for you.

Squashing in for photo booth pictures

And then sticking them all over your bedroom wall.

Source: Imgur

Furtive activities

Your teenage best friend bore witness to a lot of your fledging experiences – furtive smoking, drinking and staying out late. Who else would have held your hair back as you vomited Linden Village or lied to your Mam about what time the disco ended?

Source: Reddit Lurker

Hogging the phone

And getting screamed at by the parental units for running up eye-water phone bills.

Source: TheTrukStop

Dressing alike

And not just because it was the school uniform.

Source: Awkward Family Photos


Staying up all night doing prank phone calls for the boys, staying up all night discussing the intricacies of your first bra for the girls.

Source: KulFoto

Signing each other’s homework journals

And passing back and forth notes during class. Constant communication was KEY.

Source: Sprout Shout

Getting set up

A rite of passage. A horrifying, mortifying rite of passage.

Source: Shutterstock

What do you miss most about your teenage friendships?

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